You can always give us a call with questions or if you need more information about our gear and services. We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions here already.


Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers:

  • On this website we ask for personal information if you complete our contact form. This data is sent to us via an encrypted connection and is received by e-mail. After processing your contact request, we will delete your information.
    We also ask for your personal information when you place an order. Your data will in that case only be used for processing your order, sending it and any aftercare and / or support. We store your data in accordance with the General Personal Data Regulation (AVG) and have taken all necessary measures to protect it.
    You can submit a request to remove or correct your data from our database at any time via the contact options on our website.

    You will not receive any further information, messages or advertisements from us. We do not use automatic decision-making, such as profiling. We keep track of visitor statistics with Google Analytics and cookies are placed for this. All these statistics are anonymous to ensure your privacy. A processing agreement has been concluded with Google for this and data sharing has been disabled. Data is also not shared with other Google services in combination with the Analytics cookies.

    All processing of personal data that we do is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).
  • No, this is not needed, we do this for you. If you need to travel with the truck as much that you need to fill up to make it back, please you the tank-card that is in the truck and you can call us to get the pin-code for it. Do not pay for the fuel yourself because we charge you for the truck rental on a per-kilomater basis, including fuel.
  • Yes, all our trucks can be driven with a B-license.
  • No, we charge you €0,45 per kilometer, but it includes fuel. If you need to refuel please use the supplied gas card.
  • In all our trucks there is room for 2 passengers and 1 driver.
  • In principle not. You are responsible for ensuring that the bus is inside or on a guarded site. Our insurance will consider unattended parking of the bus as negligent behavior and make the user responsible for the entire damage.

    Always make sure that you lock the bus properly, by still feeling the doors on the side and back, preferably safe than sorry :)
  • Bij specifications on each page you can find the dimensions.
  • The lighting vans are WA insured. If you damage the light bus and / or another vehicle, an excess of € 2500 applies. it's not possible to lower this excess, this option does not offer our insurance.

    In the event of theft both with or without returning the key, the entire damage will be claimed with the client.

  • Yes please! Because then we can help you with packaging allowed for travel in airplanes, lighter power adapters and batteries allowed for air travel and much more!
    We have a lot of experience with bringing equipment abroad and have more compact and discrete bags and cases.
  • Almost all of the equipment is insured worldwide, except for zones of conflict. Check ahead with your list if everything is insured through us.
  • For travel within the Schengen countries you do not need one. Outside of Schengen it may be useful to arrange a carnet, especially if you do not want any risks at the border, but that differs per country. Please contact us to discuss the best option. Usually we can create a Pro Forma with the serial numbers of the equipment that is rented from us.
  • Border Patrol at airports are hard to gauge and even if you abide by all the rules, they can still make a decision to confiscated items.
    We cannot be held responsible for the equipment being taken by authorities. It is your sole responsibility to be aware of these risks and to take appropriate measures. If anything is confiscated, please contact us immediately, we may be able to advise you.
  • If you travel for a shoot, you often have a travel day, one inbound and one outbound. And sometimes when you are away for longer periods of time you are also not shooting every day. 

    To mitigate this, we have a travel day rate, and it is 50% of the regular daily rate. This rate can be applied for travel and off-days. (This rate is excluding relational and multi-day discounts, which are added on top!)

    Of course you cannot travel for 10 days and only pay for one day. The whole picture needs to be in logic ratio, which we determine based on the information you give us, and what we think is a fair deal. Together we will always find a good solution.
  • We are opened from Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 and in the weekends from 09:30 till 18:00.
    Usually there will be a member of the staff outside of these times too, but please double check by calling us.
    Our equipment lockers are open 24/7 for customer picking up and returning.

    We are available 24/7 via telephone for questions. In the middle of the night of course please only call with urgent matters.
  • Yes. If you have a keycard to enter our locker then you can get in 24/7. Please confirm beforehand if you want us to load the equipment in the lockers.
  • Rentals are calculated per day, 24 hours. It starts at 06:00 AM and ends at 06:00 AM the following day.
  • Usually you can. If the equipment is available you can test it the day before your rental starts. It is usually also possible to take with you that same day, but please talk to us about it.
  • The equipment must always be returned on the same day of the rental. This can be done 24 hours a day, so it doesn't matter what time it gets in the evening.

    In consultation, it is sometimes possible to deviate from this, but check this carefully and do not assume that it is possible, even with the tickets, they cannot generally return later without consultation.
  • You cannot check this online, but when you enter the items for a quote online, and request the quote by sending it to us, we will immediately check if the items are available.
  • We get a notification of your request, and will try to answer this within 30 minutes, and we will respond with information about availability and pricing. If you are in a big rush, please just give us a ring.
  • No. This is part of the camera package, and some recording media are extremely expensive so we do not have ample availability of these. You can of course always call to check, but in principle these need to be returned with the complete package.
  • Yes, we have a minimum amount of 25 euros. If you rent something that is less than 25 euros, you will billed 25 euro. We use this amount because it is the minimum amount that covers the time we spend preparing, checking and invoicing the equipment.
  • Unfortunately not. We often get the question if someone can rent something for an hour or half a day. Even if you only have to film for 1 minute, we cannot rent the equipment to someone else that day. That is why the rental period is always at least 1 day.
  • Yes, it is called 'staffelkorting' and is calculated following these rules, and only valid on consecutive days.

    2 days ................ 10%
    3 days ................ 15%
    4 days ............ 20%
    5-7 days ............. 25%
    8-12 days .......... 30%
    12-18 days ....... 35%
    18+ costume quote

    Note: When renting a package for over 18 days, it is best to call us to get the best rate.
  • Relational Discount is received when you rent from us a lot, and the percentage can vary per customer
  • No It does not matter for the rental pricing if you rent on weekdays or weekends. We are open 7 days a week, so you can always pickup and return.
  • Please email or call us, and explain the situation and then we can see if we can help you with a better offer.
  • In principle no, but for thesis films made at certified HBO schools we can make exceptions and we will do our best to offer a good deal.
  • When you rent for the first time, we require an upfront payment. For rentals after that you will receive an invoice after the rental period has ended. You can always pay beforehand if you would like :)
  • No, a refundable deposit is not required. Customers that rent from us for the first time are required to show two forms of identification, and a summary of their chamber of commerce registration, or a debit card to pay a small amount to register your identity.
  • All prices on the website are exclusive of VAT. The VAT is calculated when you receive the invoice.
  • Yes, you can. Each invoice that you receive by email has an iDeal link that you can use to pay us directly. Aside from that you can also post a payment via any bank that may not offer iDeal.
  • This is possible if the amount is not paid using an iDeal link. It takes a few days for a regular bank transfer payment to clear, and the status is updated. Please check again later.
  • Invoices need to be paid within 30 days of receiving them.
  • Yes and no. We have a PIN-machine, so you can pay for small items like stores. For rentals we prefer that you pay after the returns, so we can calculate any changes in items rented throughout the rental-period. That way it is made very clear on one bill what all the costs are.
  • Please send an email to [email protected] or give us a ring.
  • You can cancel any booking without paying any fees up until 36 hours before your booking starts. After that 50% of the rental amount is charged. Cancelling within 24 hours of the start of your booking, or on the day of the booking we charge you the rental amount in full, regardless of the cause of the cancellation. Also when moving the date of your booking within the times stated above we must apply these tariffs.
  • Yes, everything is insured worldwide for damages, with a €2500 deductible per event.

    Loss, theft, waterdamage or careless handling of the equipment is not insured.

    Details of these rules are stated in the terms and conditions that you can find on the site. Equipment is not insured in areas of conflict, or severe negligence. The insurance company will investigate the case. It is for this reason perhaps a good idea to check your own (production) insurance to see what coverage is applicable.
  • Keep calm. Take photo's of the situation and call us at 020-261 46 32. We will look for the best solution together. In case of theft or loss you have to file a Police rapport and provide a copy to us.
  • Unfortunately the insurance company does not offer this option, so please take good care of the equipment.
  • The person or company that is the registered user of the equipment during checkout is responsible for any damages or loss/theft. When you book something and you consider yourself not responsible, or are not paying the bill for the rental, make sure that Maloney has the details of the responsible renter before you leave the rental house with the equipment. If you fail to provide this information, you are responsible.
  • It is possible that not all items are listed on the website, or that they are not listed as a separate product on the site. If you would like to rent something that you do not see listed, please contact our landline, or send a message to [email protected]. You can also mention it in the remarks-section during booking on this site.
  • We are continuously checking all items that return to our shop. If you encounter something not working properly, please contact us immediately so we can solve it with you. You should always be able to test the equipment in our rental house, and to make adjustments to the package if needed before your shoot starts. This way you know it all works properly, and complete. This is your own responsibility in the end.
  • Try to isolate the issue, so you can clearly explain what it is that is not working when you call us. We can try to help you by phone, or make alternative arrangements so you can continue shooting. Please always notify us directly after isolating the issue, instead of after your shoot ends, because then it will be too late to help you!
  • This depends on which camera you rent. On each camera-detail page is a list of which items are included for a clear overview of what you can expect.
  • Of course! Call, email, or drop by so we can discuss your project and budget. We can always make it work!
  • This is a tricky situation, because a lot of damages are attained in circumstances of bad transportation. When you pickup your equipment, you sign an agreement that all the equipement is in working condition. You need to check the equipment yourself before departing; so if you skip this part, any damaged are your own responsibility. Please always check all the items inside the rental house! 
  • Call us in any case, so we can try and find a solution. We will always think of a way to get you on with your shoot. If any additional costs are involved with this, we will of course discuss this with you; and who would need to covert these - depending on each situation.

    You are responsible that you have all the stuff you need for your shoot. We cannot be held responsible if you e.g. take a case with you that is missing items. Our best advise is to thoroughly test everything the day before you start shooting; to make your shoot as flawless as possible.
  • Unfortunately not. If lenses are listed as a set, you cannot rent them individually. We do this because if another customer wants to rent the set, we cannot offer it to that customer.
  • We expect the equipment to be in the same condition as you received it. So in the event that the equipment get dirty and you don't have the option of time to clean it, please report that to us.

    You can come along the next day to clean it yourself or we will do it for € 35 per hour, of which at least 1 hour is always calculated.
  • You can book items for your project via our website. You need an account to do this. If you have placed bookings with us previously, please contact us for your login details. If you are not a customer yet, please create your free account, so you are ready to place your booking!

    An online booking is pretty simple. Add products to your list that you want to rent, enter a name for the project, select your dates and choose when you would like to test and pickup the gear. Within 45 minutes of your booking you will receive a quote and availability.
    I need to make a booking on behalf of another company, how do I do this?
    You can create the booking via your own account, and enter the details of the company in question, so we can bill the correct address.
  • You can create the booking via your own account, and enter the details of the company in question, so we can bill the correct address.